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Hi sugars, If you are at college,studing If you are in corrospondence studies if you are at beauty school if you are in business college if you are in university if you are an intern if you are a medical student if you are a trainee nurse if you are in med school etc.......getting the drift??? any learning experiences please feel free to join and blog about life where you are and your studies, it is a fun mix. you are all welcome and blog anything relating to the above

Re: distance Education

Posted By Rachie Rees on Aug 16, 2007 at 5:00PM

Hi sugars,

Yesterday I sent away my enrolment for my business course, so now I will have to wait for them to make contact, I have signed all the papers, posted what they require, and almost completed my student loan papers.

I hope to start within the next few week when my husband starts his, waiting in antisipation....

any of you sugars studying or looking to study in the near future: check out my group Student Sugar life...and tell me what you are studing or wanting too...

New Group: Student Sugar life

Posted By Rachie Rees on Aug 14, 2007 at 4:35AM

For those of you who are studing, in any type of school, this is the group for you, so you can blog on life as a student, your hardship, the people you live with, the benefits, the long hours of study, exams, assignments, pressure, all that stuff...

please blog to each other and to all about life as a student, your crisis's, your anxiety, I am a student too, so I will be adding blogs, blog your hearts away and gain points to buy virtual gifts, or keep adding your points to get a virtual gift you really desire...

And welcome to my newest group!
Welcome to the student life of Teamsugar!

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